First encounter

Wish id remember the exact date…but i know it was around¬†May-june 2012…i was seated in an ICDL class i was just in it for the certificate though :p…And he jus walks in like an hour late and sits at the front n i just look around to confirm he was the cutest guy in class… bet he knew it.

So at some random point i jus decide to adjust my bra and at that moment he just happned to turn around and just llook or lets say gaze at me #bad timing much…lol so after that a week passed and just somehow he ended up being my was like fate or magic…didnt expect it at all

So the first words he said *can i sit there…well that got my butterflies started well i didnt even know his name yet but i liked it . So i tried being impressionable by googling something weird like doctors online..and doing an online quiz…well that dint seem to start a conversation so the next time i tried something else….the site for spirit science…#JACKPOT!!!!!….he mentioned something about meditation and i swear when i got home i read bout it extensively…so that day he asked for my number…i remember it was a thursday….i was so happy….coz he called me later on that night…*to ask if there was gonna be class the next day…not that exciting but its the thought that counts right :p

well i wish i kept my cool i think¬† scared him away with my texting….so we didnt talk for a while..until i did the thing im least proud of….i made him an offer.